Intercom systems
from Gate Expectations Limited

Gate Expectations offer a full range of intercom and video intercom solutions to compliment our hardwood, softwood and wrought iron entrance gate installations. We can also supply and fit systems to existing entrance ways as required.

Choosing the right product is important, does it do what you need it to do?  Please contact us and we can guide you on the best product to suit your entrance intercom requirements.

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Comelit Genius




GENIUS monitor with 3.5" colour screen, white matt finish and induction loop.

Fitted as standard with blue door-open pushbutton and two grey pushbuttons for various functions. the brightness control and a selector for the call volume, adjustable to three different positions (high, medium and low).

It can be converted into the desk version using art. 5712.

Dimensions: 8" x 8.9" x 2.5".



Comelit Planux Lux




Colour monitor with 3.5'', On-Screen Display and glass cover.

Touch-sensitive technology and full-duplex hands-free function
Audio volume, call volume, colour, brightness and contrast adjustment.
Ringtones can be customised, selecting from the 7 melodies provided.

Backlit control panel consisting of: 1 key button, 1 enable/disable audio button, 1 privacy or doctor function button which can be selected via the menu (with red LED to indicate privacy enabled), 1 self-ignition button, 2 buttons for various uses and 4 buttons for entry, confirmation and navigation within the menus.

Dimensions 6.30'' x 6.57'' x 0.16''



Comelit Diva




Made of ABS with aluminium front, fitted with hands-free function, call volume adjustment.

Fitted with a door open pushbutton, an open speech channel pushbutton provided with LED, 1 pushbutton for the “privacy” function provided with LED and 3 free pushbuttons (N.O.) for various services.

It can be converted into a desk version by adding art. 4782.

Dimensions: 10.2” x 8.9” x 1.5”



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