Sliding entrance gate automation
from Gate Expectations Limited


Our sliding style automation solutions cover all usage from light domestic to full heavy use industrial



Beninca sliding gate 7automation



Beninca MS4:

  • Self locking electromechanical operator suitable for residential use.
  • 24 Vdc version available for intensive use.
  • Unlock device fast and easy to use.
  • Design that matches with any architectural style.
  • Vertical and horizontal fixing positions adjustable.
  • Easy to wire thanks to the pull-out terminals.
  • Low maintenance required.


BFT Ares sliding gate automation



  • 24 V electromechanical operator for intensive use for leaves up to 1500 kg
  • Electromechanical limit switch and electronic slow-down system
  • HQSC-D control unit with built-in receiver.
  • ICE feature: this allows the operator installation in extremely cold areas (down to -20°C), always guaranteeing perfect gate operation, even early morning, with no false safety obstruction detection.
  • Torque, speed and position control system managed by D-Track system.



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